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“Chemical Park “Tagil” is the industrial park located in Russia, in city of Nizhny Tagil, Sverdlovsk region, at the premises of PJSC “Uralkhimplast”, being the Russian largest manufacturer of synthetic resins, the majority shareholder of which is UCP Chemicals AG, Vienna, Austria.

The total territory of the park comprises 108.71 ha and it borders the following: railway lines (railway station Vagonzavod) in the north, premises of enterprise JSC “Research and Production Corporation “Uralvagonzavod” in the east and south, and highway Severnoye shosse in the west.

Tagil mapThe purpose of our activity is the provision of resident companies with land plots, shopfloor facilities, energy resources, and infrastructure to set up manufacture at the industrial park premises.

Manufacture development and localization are carried out with the support of state government authorities at the regional and federal levels that facilitates obtaining of preferences for foreign investors.
Energy infrastructure is a system of energy resources to provide chemical manufacture. Currently, connection to the below mentioned utility networks is available for the industrial park residents:
– power supply
– heat supply
– water supply and discharge;
– steam supply (high and low pressure steam);
– gas supply
– process networks (compressed air and nitrogen supply).

Reserve of energy resource capacity is enough to provide any energy-consuming manufacture with it in actual fact. Total parameters of energy resources are given in the Table below:

“Chemical Park “Tagil” has its own biological treatment plants.


Industrial park “Chemical Park “Tagil” invites enterprises of the French Republic to locate manufacture facilities in the territory of Russia.

The target audience is the chemical sector enterprises which activity is chemical compounds manufacture. We are also pleased to invite enterprises manufacturing wider range of products.
Advantages for Residents
1. Territorial location:
The industrial park is found in the Sverdlovsk region where industrial manufacture is large-scale developed and which possesses the following features:
- ВВ+ positive investment rating
- 4th position in the manufacturing potential rating among regions of Russia
- gross regional product comprises 2.02 trillion RUB or 27.6 milliard Euro
- region population amounts to 4327.4 ths of people.

“Chemical Park “Tagil” is located in the second most important city of the region, Nizhny Tagil, in the immediate vicinity of large industrial companies from the sectors of metallurgy, machine-building, railway freight car-building, and cryogenic industry which can be potential consumers of products and services of Residents. Presentation of the region investment attraction is available to download.

2. At the premises there is availability of initial materials required to arrange chemical manufacture:

Raw components: more than 1300 items
Finished products: more than 2000 items

Main Types of Raw Products Finished Products
Methanol Formaldehyde
Phenol Synthetic resins
Furfuryl alcohol Casting resins
Potassium alkali Rust preventives
PVC resin Plastic compounds
Amins Additives for bitum
State standard 10007-80 Fluoroplastic products

3. Transport Accessibility

The park territory borders the lines of municipal unit highway Severnoye Shosse. In its turn, Severnoye Shosse is connected with regional highway Р 353 and exit to federal highway М5. The length of the industrial park territory automobile roads is 14.5 km. Severnoye Shosse is provided with public transport, i.e. buses and trams.

At the distance of 0.3 km from the industrial park borders railway station “Vagonzavod” is found. The railway length along the industrial park territory is 14.8 km.

4. Rendering of services to wash containers after chemical product transportation
At the industrial park territory services are rendered to wash the following types of containers from the chemical products: railway tank cars, tank containers, road tank cars, and IBC containers.

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