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Enset is a Russian developer and manufacturer of balancing machines and devices for any rotors. We also develop and produce a wide range of press, welding, balancing equipment for repair and production of cardan shafts.

The founder of the company is the Don State Technical University. The advanced developments of the company are ensured by the scientific reserve and research base of the basic university of Rostov region. The company employs more than forty specialists and developers, including Doctors of Engineering and postgraduate students.

Today the structure of our company includes design department, software and electronics development department, electrical components production shop, machining area, finished product assembly shop and others. This allows us to design and manufacture equipment and be responsible for the performance of all elements: from electronics and software to mechanics. The VIBROLAB measuring system used in our balancing machines is also fully developed and manufactured by our company and is included in the state register of two countries.

Today we are a certified exporter under Russian Exporter certification program, we deliver equipment to 16 countries, including EEU countries, Poland, Germany, Spain, the USA, Peru, we have authorized representative in the European Union, our equipment is CE certified. The equipment manufactured by Enset is already used and offered to their clients by such companies, as

  • Welte Cardan-Service GmbH, production of components for cars and special equipment, Germany. This company has purchased a batch of manual presses PR-6, supplied with a depth gauge with digital indication and a full set of tooling for sale in the EU and Great Britain.
  • Hundrive Kft., special equipment maintenance, Hungary. For production process the company has purchased manual press PR-6, supplied with a depth gauge with digital indication and a full set of tooling and electric driven manual crane VIRA.
  • Driveshaft Parts USA LLC – cardan shafts and components supplier, USA. Has purchased a batch of manual presses PR-6 and a set of special technological customized tooling.
  • Cardyfren S. L., production of cardan shafts and components, equipment, Spain. One of the main partners of our company. After the visit of the company's director to our manufacturing facility, the company purchased machine for welding drive shafts, a batch of PR-6 presses for sale in the EU.
  • HCT Automotive, equipment supplier, Latvia. Authorized representative of our company in EU. A full range of equipment for repair and balancing of cardan shafts was purchased for the end customer.
  • And others.

In addition, over the years we have supplied and upgraded balancing equipment for large companies such as:

  • Peterburgsky traktorny zavod JSC – Is the only manufacturer of agricultural tractor wheels in Russia.
  • PJSC Power Machines – One of the leading power engineering companies.
  • KAMAZ PJSC – The largest manufacturer of heavy trucks in Russia.
  • Rostselmash Combine Plant LLC – Manufacturer of a complete line of machines and technical equipment for agriculture under the brands "Rostselmash" and "Versatile".
  • Mariysky Pulp and Paper Mill OJSC – Multifunctional production complex, which produces paper, cardboard, cellulose, fiberboard, paper bags.
  • Kronstadt Marine Plant JSC – One of the oldest ship repair enterprises in Russia.
  • Rostvertol PJSC – Production of civil and military helicopters of the Mi-26 series, military Mi-35M and Mi-28N "Night Hunter".
  • Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant LLC –legendary car factory specializing in the production of all-wheel drive passenger and commercial vehicles, as well as minibuses under the brand UAZ.
  • Rostovenergoremont OJSC – Enterprise for repair of large electric machines and power transformers, manufacturing of electric machine windings.
  • Minsk carriages repair factory OJSC.

We already have partners who deal with promoting and reselling of our equipment in Spain, Great Britain, Latvia, USA and now looking for partners as well as end customers in France and other European countries. Companies interested in devolving partnership are welcome to visit our factory; free training is provided for customers and trading companies’ personnel.