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IRCOS is a modern experimental design office developing automated systems and technical means of radio monitoring on the basis of carefully verified system positions. operating on the Russian and international markets for 25 years and having a considerable experience in developing and supplying automated spectrum monitoring systems and their components for the benefit of the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications, defense and law enforcement agencies of the Russian Federation, as well as for other countries.

The company's activity includes analysis of tendencies in development theoretical and practical research in the field of technical means of radio monitoring, development, manufacture and testing radio monitoring systems in general, and their components, including antennae and feeders, digital panoramic radio receivers, radio direction finders, HF and SHF paths, digital and analogue processing units, power supply systems. The company solves the problems of electromagnetic compatibility when installing equipment on carriers, creates applied software packages for manufactured systems and technical means of radio monitoring, performs technical support of products and training of Customers.

The company products are intended for the following tasks and applications:
1. Radio Monitoring on national, regional, municipal, district and departmental level, in urban area, suburb area, industrial area, airports etc.
2. Revealing of illegal emissions and localization of their sources (at site of counter-terrorism operation, exercises and other events, as well as in contiguous areas and at the border, within confined area of monitoring, inside distant premises of a buildings within area of monitoring, inside a single monitored premise or a vehicle.

The company has all licenses required for specified business activities.