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Kompozit 21 LLC specializes in the production of composite glassfiber reinforcement products for construction. 13 years of experience in production allows us to provide various solutions to distributors of building materials and construction organizations.

The product range includes glassfiber rebar, glassfiber mesh, incl. masonry, glassfiber wall ties.

The products find their application in the reinforcement of foundations and other non-bearing concrete structures, concrete fences and reinforcing (retaining) walls, roadbeds, industrial floors, pedestrian paths, stone and reinforced stone walls, brickwork, in the construction of swimming pools, bank protection, hydraulic structures, etc.

One of the latest developments of the company is solutions for plantations and vineyards. Glassfiber garden supports, mesh, espalier for climbing plants received a response from Russian farmers.

The main advantages of the company's products are: long service life, high strength, low specific gravity, low thermal conductivity, corrosion, chemical and mechanical resistance.

These properties of the products allow them to be used instead of metal products and to extend the service life of concrete structures and structures.