JSC “ZAVOD PRODMASH” was founded in 1874 and produces a wide range of steel structures for the road sphere. The plant is a part of Companies Group, specializing in designing and producing metal structures for complex problem solving in the field of building and reconstructing road objects: barrier and pedestrian guardrails, frame metal pillars, noise shields, bus shelters, road signs pillars and road sings for lighting roads, lighting and mast pillars, consoles and lighting products, corrugated pipes, fasteners with anti-corrosion treatment by hot-dip galvanizing, etc. To ensure customer needs, experts of ZAVOD improve all produced metal structures, being guided by the best technical solutions of professional technicians and customer feedback.

Another main direction of ZAVOD is a service of hot-dip galvanizing metal products of large and small dimensions (in accordance with GOST 9.307-89). For this purpose in 2006 ZAVOD has bought and started the Dutch production line with a bath size of 12,5*1,6*2,8 m. The small line of hot-dip galvanizing was launched in 2009. Nowadays JSC “ZAVOD PRODMASH” is one of the leading enterprises in the market in terms of hot-dip galvanizing.


It is worth mentioning that cooperation with JSC “ZAVOD PRODMASH” provides a list of tangible benefits for you:

Saving time and money – our technical solutions stand out by their low metal consumption and long service life due to individual solutions of experts of engineering services and the presence of hot-dip galvanizing services.

Assurance of safety of a road object – metal structures made by JSC “ZAVOD PRODMASH” are approved by certificates and can be used on any Russian road.

Quality control of products – products go through several TCI checks: quality control of welded joints, control of threading, checking adhesion of applied zinc coatings, checking the provided coating thickness, external control, etc.

Qualified technical support - our experts will find for you the best solution, give advice on the correct use of metal structures, consult you on any technical question.

High reliability of manufactured steel structures - all manufactured products are developed on the basis of models that have passed long-term tests on the main roads of the country.

The main distinguishing feature of ZAVOD is an innovative approach in developing and producing metal structures, ensuring the safe operation of Russian roads, also through a regular modernisation of manufactured products and continuous improving the production process in order to enhance customer satisfaction with the quality of produced products. This allows ZAVOD PRODMASH not only to respond the emerging needs of customers but also to predict them.


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