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The Oil King company specializes in production and sale of premium natural edible vegetable oils produced by the first cold pressing and well-known under the trade marks Oil King (Maslianiy korol'™ and Zolotoy oreshek™) and Golden nut.

The complete catalog of manufactured products contains several dozen items of oil, flour and millcake, flaxseed cereals with various ingredients. All our products have been certified, received many awards at various exhibitions, they are in great demand, and are highly popular among the population of Russia and the CIS countries.

All vitamins, microelements, useful substances that are found in plants, fruits and nuts from which they are made are preserved and in high concentration in oils Oil King (Maslianiy korol) and Golden Nut (Zolotoy oreshek) due to the unique manufacturing technology . In addition, a multi-stage quality control is organized at the production site, starting from the obtaining raw materials.

The final product does not contain GMOs, dyes, flavors, preservatives. Therefore, all varieties of our oils, flours and cereals meet the highest requirements and standards, they are the basis for proper nutrition on the way to a healthy body and lifestyle in general.