OOO “Krasnokamsky RMZ” (Krasnokamsk Machinery and Repair Plant, LLC) was established on October 1, 1973 by order of Perm Trust "Meliovodstroy" dated 25.09.1973. At the time of foundation of the future plant was called Central repair and mechanical workshop (CRMW). The main activity of CRMW was repair of reclamation equipment.

In addition CRMW was engaged in repair of the running gear of tractors, overhaul of components and assemblies of tractors T-100 for reclamation companies, manufactured pipes for drainage and irrigation of different soil types, performed maintenance and repair of tractors.
In 1993 CRMW was renamed into Krasnokamsk Krasnokamsk Machinery and Repair Plant (Krasnokamsky RMZ).
Krasnokamsky RMZ is able to perform complete process cycle of production of parts, steel structures, machinery and equipment including:
cutting of all types of rolled metal products, including sheet metal, pipes etc.
Processing of sheet metal on bending presses and rolling machines with CNC;
Precision machining with chipping removal on trurning and milling machining centers;
Pipe bending;
Robot and semi-automatic welding;
Grit blasting;
Two types of painting of the structures – powder and enamel in a painting chamber;
Assembly line;
Other major process operations.
At almost every stage of the manufacturing process modern European equipment is used that allows to ensure unique precision of manufacturing of components and structures. The machines operate mostly autonomously with minimal human intervention, eliminating the influence of human factor and ensuring high performance and quality at the level of international standards.