PJSC "Pigment" Tambov is a large industrial enterprise and the largest Russian manufacturer of chemical products for various industries (such as oil refining, construction, paint, paper, printing, chemical, tire and textile etc).  The plant supplies more than 300 product names to the market of Russia, CIS and Europe. For a number of products, such as optical brighteners for paper and detergents, organic pigments, sulfamic acid, PJSC Pigment is the only manufacturer in Russia and has a strong position as a supplier to its customers. The company has 30 years of experience in trading activity with foreign countries. Certified according to the quality Management system ISO 9001-2015.  KRATA is the registered Trademark since 1993.

Under the brand name KRATA®, we supply the market with organic pigments, dyes, concrete additives (KRATASOL), fuel additives (ADA), optical brighteners (BELOFOR), acrylic dispersions (AKRATAM), raw materials for paints and varnishes, as well as ready-made primers, varnishes, enamels and paints (including series KRATA EXPRESS, priming enamel GREMIKOR), Phenol Formaldehyde based resins (FENOTAM) and Urea Formaldehyde based resins, Sulfamic Acid and etc.

Strongest products we can offer to France market are the following:
Organic pigments: Pigment blue 15:3 (for inks, paints and plastics), Pigment red 4 (for inks and paints). Both pigment have REACH certificate.
We also produce other organic pigments (please check enclose assortments list), suitable for those companies which have their REACH certificate.
Key consumers for these pigments are inks, paints, plastics manufactures, and manufactures of coating.

Sulfamic acid. 
Synonyms: sulfamic acid, amidosulfonic acid
CAS №: 5329-14-6
Chemical formula: NH2SO2OH
Dangerous class (UN): 8
Manufacture: Russia

Sulfamic acid is used in following productions:

  • For the cleaning of industrial equipment from mineral deposits (hardness, oxide films, iron compounds), from milk and beer stone.
  • In catering and at home: for processing the dining room and kitchen utensils.
  • In the production of household chemicals (detergents, cleansers).
  • As raw material in the synthesis of chemicals: for refractory materials, forobtaining herbicides.
  • In electroplating: to prepare the electrolyte, pickling food tin.
  • To remove the mucus from the water-cooling systems (pools).
  • In the cleaning the paper machine.
  • In the treatment of bottom-hole zone of oil wells to increase oil recovery.
  • In the production of phenol-formaldehyde resins.
  • In the manufacture of emulsion explosives

Note: Under the individual requirements of the customer PJSC Pigment can provide sulfamic acid with improved quality parameters: the mass fraction of sulfamic acid of not less than 99.8%.

Best regards,

Anastasia Galkina

Head of International Business Department

PJSC Pigment , Moscow office,
16, Narvskaya str., 125493
Moscow, Russian Federation.
+7 495 7832909 (ext. 117)

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