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Edged Board and timber

Modern construction market offers a large variety of different materials, but demand, which is used by edged Board, not abating, and the turnover remains high. The reason for the popularity of an edging Board is obvious: it has a very advantageous combination of features: durability, strength, resistance to various mechanical damage, ease of handling, environmental friendliness.

The scope of an edging Board is extremely wide.

The main area of use of an edging Board – it is construction. The material is used as an element of flooring, stairs, roofing and for the construction of walls in low-rise construction.

Also edged Board is used to produce a variety of sliced products, such as lining, block-house, calm, imitation of timber, and more.

Another important area of application is the manufacture of furniture, traditionally, the best and most expensive furniture will include items from the array, and edged.

Also edged Board is used in the manufacture of packaging materials.

The use of trim boards depends on the grade. Grade of boards are determined depending on the presence or absence of those or other wood defects. The main document used for the sorting of boards in our company is in accordance with GOST 26002-83 "The softwood Sawn timber of the Northern sorting supplied for export". According to this document all of the lumber is divided into 5 grades, where grade 1 is the highest quality, 5 – the lowest.

Companies acting under the auspices of LLC "Market Prof" adopted the following standard sort of supplied timber: grade 1-3 (S/F), grade 1-4 and grade 5. But depending on the customer's wishes, the Board can be sorted according to the technical requirements or specifications.



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